Luxury Candles

Cuir Sacré

Late night louche and the music is intimate, the spirit smoulders. A trickle of absinthe on the rocks, the dazzle of gemstones crack like a whip on an ebony floor as a necklace breaks. A stolen kiss, the smoky nightclub, metal taste of bitten scarlet lips, a sigh of passion, silk crushed against leather, a trail of whispered promises in the dark velvet night, this is a candle for sin….a scent that gets under your skin.

This best seller is available in both large and classic sized candles.

Top Note Bergamot, Verbena
Middle Note Damask rose, Oriental, Fruity
Base Note Amber, Oud, Patchouli, Smoky, Musk
Weight 270g
Burning Hours 55-60 hours